Big Success in Wintour's WeChat Hotel Marketing Training Course


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WeChat Hotel Marketing, a training course hosted by Wintour on December 3, is a great success. The beauty of this course is the content’s combination with numerous cases. The content of this training includes the outlook of WeChat hotel, practical skills to operate WeChat hotel, as well as WeChat hotel marketing strategies.

While just four days to propagate before the campaign, there also come many people of the hospitality. Some attendees are working in Guangzhou, and some come from nearby cities, such as Zhuhai, Shenzhen and Dongguan.

In order to interactive with the attendee, “WeChat Screen” is employed in the training course. Every one’s message send to WeChat hotel will be displayed on the screen on site. It is an innovation of the this training.

This training helps hotel industry people to learn more about WeChat hotel and many people say that it’s a great help to them.