Travel to Yangshuo, Use Wintour Mobile Express Payment


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Tourists, who plan to travel to Yangshuo during winter vacation and idle time before New Year, found that they no longer have to pay by cash when checking in hotels or inns. The payment can be safely and easily completed by entering a phone number. That's to say, just a bank card and an Alipay account, tourists can enjoy a convenient Yangshuo trip without too much cash. It's really a surprise.

It exactly results from two salons successively held by Wintour in Yangshuo at the beginning of 2013. Two small-scale salons, with the theme of “Direct Selling Development Program of Small-and-medium Hotels & Inns”, were held by Wintour in Yangshuo on January 15-16, 2012. Nearly 40 hotels and Inns nearby took part in it, and within only one month, Wintour quickly gained the first batch of over 20 clients as Mobile Express Payment user, covering the main areas of Yangshuo. In this base, along with Wintour's further promotion in Yangshuo in 2013, the number of clients is steadily and rapidly being increased by more than 600 hotels.

It is now convenient to find out the hotels that support Mobile Express Payment in Yangshuo so that tourists no longer have to carry too much cash during travel.

After the two salons, there have been more hotels to actively talk with Wintour to establish a cooperative relationship. Therefore, it is just around the corner to achieve a wider range of coverage of Wintour Mobile Express Payment in Yangshuo. Then tourists will more easily find the hotels with a sign of “Alipay Support” in the entrance. Use the Mobile Express Payment to complete the check-in.

As for hotel, the utility of Wintour Mobile Express Payment can decrease the tedious work of cash receiving and saving and prevents keeping excessive amount of cash in the hotel. In addition, without too much commission charge, it is impossible to increase the collection cost. What's better, Alipay, with over a hundred million active users, can strongly support hotel's marketing promotion, so that hotel will be widely known and gain an increase in orders.

In this process, along with the further promotion of Wintour, “Travel to Yangshuo, Use Wintour Mobile Express Payment” has gradually been filtering into people's minds and approved by more and more hotels.