Wintour Attended GDH 2014 Annual Meeting


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Mr. Huang Xin, CEO of Wintour, was invited to the GDH (Guangdong Holdings Limited) 2014 Annual Meeting on December 13. The GDH's chareman, general managers, representatives of member hotels and cooperative partner, etc., also attended the meeting.

In the meeting, Mr. Huang shared his opinions on hotel online marketing in the year of 2015, reviewing the industrial development in 2014, evaluating the trends of customer experience, guiding hotel marketing planning in 2015 as well as sharing several relevant typical cases.


In addition, the managers of GDH issued the guide and goal of 2015’s hotel marketing and detailed hotel management report, and Mr. Liu Jian, the chairman of GDH, made a conclusion. The remarkable speech made by general manager of Qua, a travel selling platform belonging to Alibaba Group, was also a highlight in GDH's annual meeting.