Wintour Updated Hotel App to 2.0 Version for iPhones


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The 2.0 version of hotel app came out after our technicians and engineers’ efforts. Our latest case Chengdu Tianfu Sunshine Hotel’s App was the updated 2.0 version. Compared with the 1.0 version, the updated one is more functional and practical. It's widely acclaimed by customers and other corporations as its greater customer experience.

What’s the merit of 2.0 version over 1.0 version?

1. Incorporated with the position recognition. It allows the mobile to judge that the customer is in or out the hotel and provide correct information to customers.

2. More focused on the needs of customers. It’s reported that customers would learn more about the hotel’s surroundings as they checked-in. This new version is emphasized on the supplement of the hotel’s surrounding information.

3. More focused on the users behavior. We found that most mobile users book rooms for “today or tomorrow”, or make a reservation 2 days in advance. Therefore, in terms of the date selecting, our design is more intelligent.


We will release more updated APP for hotels, and please continue to pay attention to us!