Wintour’s Further In-depth Communication and Training with GKIA


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Invited by Golden Key International Alliance (GKIA), Truman Huang, Wintour’s CEO, joined in the in-depth communication with GKIA and provided the hotel online marketing services training for GKIA members at its headquarter in China, located in Nonglinxia Road of Guangzhou.


In the process, Mr Huang shared some domestic and international hotels’ cases of online marketing and customer service. The attendees stated that most of the hoteliers are currently dominated by a traditionally closed thinking pattern. They were deeply concerned about how to conduct online hotel marketing to increase revenue. From the communication and training, GKIA members gained better understanding of the inevitable connection between Internet and future trends in hospitality. In addition, Wintour and GKIA will make efforts in further communication and cooperation in order to promote the development of hospitality industry in China.