Wintour and Brand Wisdom Work out New Hotel Online Marketing Strategy


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Wintour and Brand Wisdom signed formal cooperation in July 2013. Both sides agree to combine their product advantages to promote cooperation on hotel direct marketing, to provide better products and service for helping hotel's direct marketing and conversion rate.

Wintour is the most professional online marketing technology company in China's hospitality industry. It devotes itself to building various direct selling system for hotels, including hotel website, multi-channel booking engine, customer marketing system and smartphone APP, etc.

On the other side, Brand Wisdom, since its launch in 2011, is a global leading engine on Chinese customer reviews analysis, which is based on advanced technology on Chinese context analysis. Its initiative Hotel Brand Wisdom System is designed to meet hotels' needs and help them with word-of-mouth management, real-time service quality surveillance and periodical service quality audit. After the system gained recognition of hotel groups and independent hotels, Brand Wisdom debuted its new product - Hotel Namecard in April 2013, which will help hotels fully display their features, improve hotel credit and recognition, as well as increase direct selling conversion rate.

Wintour's professional hotel online marketing technology and Brand Wisdom's Hotel Namecard is such a perfect match that their combination will definitely bring out brilliant performance of hotels on both website and smartphone APP, which will help improve their core competitiveness, brand value and direct selling conversion rate.