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What Guests Really Want From Your Hotel Website


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What makes the difference between booking and bouncing for visitors to your hotel website?

Well, once they’ve found your site and are impressed enough with the homepage to stick around (by the way, this decision takes most people only four seconds!), the first thing guests want to understand is where they’ll be sleeping. From there, they look at your photos and location information.  Skimping on content in these three areas is bad news for bookings!

I recently had the opportunity to discuss crucial content with innkeepers at this year’s California Association of Boutique & Breakfast Inns conference on the beautiful Monterey Peninsula! I hope you enjoy this summary from our roundtable.

Rooms – Photos sell rooms. Along with clear detailriptions of each room or room type, be sure to include several high quality photos of different parts of the rooms. Without pictures, your guest is being asked to create a visual in their head from a quick scan of your text.  That’s fine if you’re writing a story, but terrible if you’re trying to sell a room! Take pictures of the bathroom, the bed, and a couple other angles to provide guests with a more complete visualization of the room. Can they imagine lounging on the bed with a glass of champagne or spreading their toiletries out on the bathroom vanity? These are the kinds of things guests need to get a sense of from pictures. They may seem minor, but emotion is everything when it comes to selling. Transport them through your images and detailriptions!

More details at http://www.buuteeq.com/blog/what-guests-really-want-from-your-hotel-website/