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Useful Tactics to Gather Hotel Guest Feedback


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Who would you rather have stay in your hotel? A guest who complains constantly or a guest who stays silent, choosing to vent their thoughts on social media and review sites like TripAdvisor? Pre-emptively collecting and dealing with feedback or criticism can go some way to changing opinions; turning disgruntled guests into brand advocates and protecting your online reputation.

But how do you get your guests to open up and share their feedback with you? A recent study of nearly 2,000 US consumers, by the folks at Software Advice (a hotel management research firm), offers some help;

When should you ask guests for feedback?

The study highlighted that most of those surveyed would give feedback at check-out or within a few days of the end of their stay. A fair assumption, it also suggests that the longer the time period, post-stay, the less likely it is that someone will provide feedback.

In a nutshell, if feedback is valuable to you, don't leave it too long to ask for it. Ensure your front of house team are asking the right questions and reading the situations, and your guests, correctly. A businessmen rushing to catch a flight isn't going to want to spend time completing a questionnaire, so give him a card with a link to complete the survey later. Families with screaming kids won't be motivated to spend time filling in forms, so give the kids the chance to be involved too with their own 'fun feedback forms'. Provide crayons.

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