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Travellers Prefer Summarized Review Content Over Full Text Reviews


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New York University and global online reputation management provider TrustYou have released the results of a study on the role of reviews in the travel planning process. The study examined the preference of consumers when using reviews to make travel purchases, evaluating their time investment, confidence/trust, and mobile experience. Specifically, the study compared user experiences with review summaries versus traditional full text reviews.


Key takeaways for intermediaries and hotels to increase conversions:


Traveler’s review habits

• 95% of respondents report reading travel reviews prior to booking

• Leisure travelers reported reading an average of 6-7 reviews prior to booking and business travelers reported reading an average of 5

• Leisure travelers spend an average of 30 minutes reading reviews prior to booking a hotel, and 10% of travelers spend more than one hour reading reviews


How to present travel reviews

• 52% of respondents said summarized review content is the most user friendly way to read reviews

• 80% said summarized reviews are time efficient, while only 59% said the same for full text reviews

• 72% said summarized review content is mobile friendly, and 61% said they would prefer to see only summarized review content when booking on a mobile device


Get full report here