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Understanding the People Who Visit Your Travel Website


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There are numerous ways in which you can track traffic to your website, but how do you know what the content should be? Who is coming to your site and why? Is there a pattern? Well, there are a few tips to keep in mind when you are going about understanding users of travel websites.


When you know what type of visitors are coming to your website, you have the opportunity to market to a specific demographic rather than offering a generic website with too much or too little information. There are three main groups of people that use travel websites: the determined individual, the one that wants to compare, and lastly the cautious and hesitant visitor.


You can tell the difference by a few signals.  First, watch to see if the visitors are simply looking at prices and going away to another site, and pay attention to what filters are they using to get the answers they require, as well as whether or not they are clicking on to the next page to see what results were found. You can tell if they are paying close attention to certain elements of a page by how long they linger and how they interact with the content.


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