Scenic Spots & Tourism Organizations

Smart Tourism is the trend of the future. Wintour provides Smart Tourism Marketing Solutions for tourism organizations including scenic spots, travel agents, amusement parks, and rural complex, for running precision marketing, improving customer experience and the efficiency of social media communications.

With the support of DOSSM-MarTech, scenic spots and tourism organizations can integrate all kinds of marketing resources and methods, improve the effectiveness of digital marketing including interaction marketing, FSEs Marketing (Festival and Special Events Marketing) and KOL marketing, thus boost the preciseness, modernity and affinity of tourism branding and marketing.

DOSSM-MarTech also help scenic spots and tourism organizations build up their customer data base, where the 360 degree customer profiling and marketing automation techniques assist in improving customer experience: providing precise content service and event information before their journey, providing scenic spots introduction and feedback request during their journey and encouraging them to share to social media after the journey.

Customer Data Management & Analysis

Building customer data base & analyzing customer profiles

Content Marketing & ROI Assessment

By Academia-industry cooperation, carrying out multi-channel content marketing with assessable ROI

Re-marketing Service

Providing new content and new product for rejuvenating old customers

Holistic Tourism Marketing Platform

Building a platform for marketing alliance

E-marketing Academia-Industry Cooperation

Improving customer experience by interaction during the journey