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Top 10 Musts for Great Hotel Service


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Many of us luxury travelers believe that service makes the difference between a very nice hotel and a memorable hotel. But what constitutes truly great luxury hotel service?

To find out how a savvy hospitality consultant appraises hotel service, I spoke with one of the world's best: NYC-based expert Eric Weiss of Service Arts Inc.

Eric is a hotel-service guru who terms the hotel trade "the ultimate people business." He is called in to consult and train at some of the world's top hotel and resorts.

See if Eric's definitions of hotel service make you see your hotels in a new way.

Boss Around

An Available Hotel General Manager or Resident Manager

A hotel needs a top manager – a GM or resident manager – who is on premises and not sequestered in an office or focused on conference business. The boss must be present, available, and in evidence.

He or she should be out on the floor greeting guests and putting a face on hotel operations. Connected, committed, one-on-one hotel service starts at the top and sets the tone for the entire hotel.


An Emotionally Intelligent and Spirited Staff

To be great, a hotel needs a team -- both management and front-line staffers – with emotional intelligence. This means intuitive people sense, empathy, and genuineness.

There's the phrase "hospitality personality," which goes further than cheerfulness. That's important, but so are natural kindness, graciousness, humor, and joie de vivre. A person who quietly makes guests feel comfortable and important.

A great, five-star hotel employee also thinks things through. He or she has a sense of priority, attention to detail, practicality, follow-through and efficiency."

You could boil all this down to the question: does the guest feel that a hotel staffer really cares about them? Sadly, I'd say that this happens 10% of the time.

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