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Tools for Success: Reputation Management


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Let’s face it: first impressions count. And when it comes to finding a hotel, review sites can have a huge impact on whether a prospective customer decides to book with you or not. But despite all of this, many hoteliers don’t have time to manage the comments that are left on these review websites. In fact, statistics suggest that only 56% of hotels respond to TripAdvisor reviews – despite this being one of the world’s most visited travel sites. Whether the review is good, bad, or indifferent, responding to them can have a whole host of benefits.


Although some reviews might seem harmful to a hotels reputation or unjust and unfair, they can still be beneficial to the property. Hoteliers should see negative reviews as conversation starter and an attempt to identify services or areas of the hotel that needs to be improved. Whether the review mentions customer service, lack of amenities, value or cleanliness, independent hotels can capitalize on this valuable feedback by taking steps to address the guest’s issues. The same can be said for the positive reviews. These reviews often highlight the best parts of a hotel and should be used as the focus for future advertising or marketing efforts. If guests are enjoying the pool, be sure to have professional photos of the area on every marketing and sales channel possible.


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