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Tips for Writing Hotel Marketing Copy


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Imagine this: You're weeks away from your hotel’s slow period. Your director of sales turns to you at the sales and marketing meeting and tells you to rewrite the verbiage for your PPC campaign and post ads on Facebook to drive bookings during that time. You nervously nod then panic that your ad copy won’t draw the ROI your director of sales was expecting.

The success of any ad campaign depends its creativity and clarity. You need your most attractive hotel photography and most compelling copy. But be choosy. These ads can't be a lot of words, so you have to be ultra-selective about what you say, while also making sure it has impact and entices people to click.

Whether writing a meeting-centric ad to increase group bookings or pushing leisure guests to book off-season, here’s how to write copy for your ads:

Speak Their Language, Not Yours

Don’t make the mistake of using hotel jargon and industry terminology. It won’t resonate with online shoppers looking for a getaway or a place to book a meeting. It’s especially vital to understand just how your target audience refers to your hotel (and others like yours) in casual conversation, not in official terms. Most online users type in search inquiries using the same casual language that they use amongst their friends. For example:

WRITE THIS: Stay in a boutique hotel near the water

NOT THIS: Reserve a room in a boutique waterfront property

Lesson learned: Try not to sound so official, and do your keyword research before jotting anything down.

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