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The Power of Photos


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Every respectedhotel websiteshould be sure to include themost information possible, for example, the number of guest rooms, the various services offered, the style and décor throughout, and obviously the best ways to make a reservation.  These will help provide your guests with a general picture of your property and will help them make an informed decision.

And what better way is there to provide all of that information thanwith a photograph?  Images are vital for any website—especially hotel websites, as they inform and, at the same time, seduce, inviting the visitor to navigate your entire site.

Try to enhance your hotel’s website with beautiful, captivating images and you will find that the correlating results will includegrowth in trafficand therefore the possibility to increase bookings.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a huge budget to hire a professional photographer—here are some simple suggestions that will help you snap some images with absolute success:

1. Involve Real People
Ask your staff if you can photograph them while they carry out their everyday tasks: take a few shots of the reception staff while they assist guests, get some images of the bartenders preparing cocktails.  Capturing these moments in the most natural manner possible will make a positive impact on your clients and will give them an idea of the quality service they can expect while staying at your hotel.

More information at http://www.hotelmanager.net/the-power-of-photos.html