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The #1 Reason Why Meeting Planners and Travelers Don't Choose You


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What makes meeting planners and leisure travelers almost buy?

What makes them ready to make a reservation or sign that contract, then drop out at the last second?

What makes them stare at your booking page or revised RFP, wanting to stay at your property, then ultimately, closing the door and moving on to something else?

It’s what everyone in hospitality marketing should be aware of.  It’s what you need to learn how to fight against when you are striving to increase group bookings at hotels.

It’s the #1 sales conversion killer: FEAR.

Fear of Being Mocked

Worse then making a mistake is having your colleagues criticize or berate you for it. And, to make that wound even more painful would be having your boss or meeting attendees openly complaining about your poor hotel choice...at the meeting itself. Your client may never admit this, but this is a deep-rooted nightmare that is their "worst case scenario." Same goes for those booking a getaway with your property. No one wants fingers pointed at them when their hotel choice turns out to be a huge mistake.

Fear of Looking Dumb

No one wants to be duped. Travelers around the world have been betrayed by beautiful property photography and flowery detailriptions of hotels, only to end up staying in a dilapidated dump. Your visitors are scared of being the one who got fooled.  And, every meeting planner can attest to having been betrayed by at least one hotel sales person after the contract was signed. Every time we’re fooled by an over-eager salesperson, we toughen up a little.

More details at http://hospitality.cvent.com/blog/junvi-ola/the-1-reason-why-meeting-planners-and-travelers-dont-choose-you-v2