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ICDL International Computer Driving License

The globalization of economy and internationalization of tertiary education promote a more frequently talent flow between different countries. Tertiary education shall be in line with international standards, promote the international flow of professional talents and serve for China's Belt and Road Initiative.

The e-Hospitality Curriculum will adopt the ICDL International Computer Driving License, which is widely recognized worldwide. As an Accredited Test Centre of ICDL in China, Wintour is authorized to set up training and test centres in tertiary education institutes with e-Hospitality curriculum. With the combination of e-Hospitality curriculum and ICDL International Driving License, students may attend tests and get certificated after learning the e-Hospitality curriculum. Cooperated institutes may also apply to be a Sub Test Centre, introduce more international courses, and provide computer and digital application trainings for local enterprises.

ICDL CEO and Wintour CEO signing for cooperation

ICDL Shunde Polytechnic Test Centre

Guangxi Test Centre