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Selfie Sticks Invade Hotels?


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More hotels are beginning to offer Selfie sticks to gests like they’re umbrellas.

The next hottest thing may fizzle out just as quickly as it sizzled, but hotels are still making moves to add it to their hospitality arsenal. Their commitment to the extendable fad varies in distribution, some provide them to all guests at all properties, some just to VIPs, and some use it as part of discount packages, or a perk for hotel app downloads.

Since posting Selfie snaps to Instagram is a big part of the Selfie stick experience, Skfit reached out to some of the most-followed hotel properties and brands on the image sharing service to learn how they used sticks:

Kimpton Hotels: All properties offer Selfie sticks for rental. They are sweetening the deal by choosing one winner per month from the crowdsourced selfies with #AdoreThySelfie hashtag because the prize this social behavior highly. The prize pack includes a $150 Kimpton gift card, their very own stick, and a blown-up version of their winning selfie.

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