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Experts: Responsive design is the standard


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NEW YORK—Responsive design is a must for hotel and brand websites today, and those willing to invest a bit more resources should already be looking at the next best thing—adaptive design, according to experts.

A panel of Web executives this week at the Digital Marketing Strategy Conference hosted by Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International agreed responsive design, which is a design approach in which Web content shifts and adapts to varying screen sizes, should be the standard.

“Designers and marketers have gotten lazy because they say, ‘There’s whitespace here so just stuff something there,’” said Ryan Clarke, director of business development for Wallop, a Canadian-based digital marketing studio. “Shrinking pages down to this small size requires you to think about what content is critical.”

The good news for hoteliers who are still weighing responsive design is that publishing separate sites for desktop and mobile is still serving the customer well for the time being.

However, “that doesn’t get you out of going to responsive design in the long run,” said Bryan Estep, VP International for Buuteeq, a Web design platform serving the hotel space.

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