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Quality and Quantity Guidelines for Hotel Images


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Choosing the right image can do more than just show off your property, it can actually cause travel shoppers to feel something - emotional responses like this can impact our behaviour, in this case, inspiring a consumer to book. Musician David Byrne says, "That's the thing about pictures: they seduce you."

The role of your hotel images

Images are particularly useful during the initial stages of hotel research because they provide an easy, quick way for the travel shopper to make an initial evaluation of the property. They help answer the question - is this a hotel I would stay at? Particularly useful during early stages of hotel research, photos provide an easy way for valuation of the hotel. The job of your images is to compel the shopper to say "I would like to stay there, let's put it on the list of options." Your goal here is to produce photos that ‘wow' or inspire the shopper with differentiating details.

Easily accessible still images of your hotel are a great way to capture a moment in time that evokes an emotional reaction. When browsing through photos, consumers are attracted to clear, crisp visuals that they can personally identify with.

When amplifying an experience at your property, think outside of the [square pants] box like the Nickelodeon hotel; they took a pool-side hang-out and displayed a fun-filled story that appeals to the whole clan. Just look at this photo and you can feel the warm sunshine, refreshing water, and hear the kid's laughter! It's an irresistible story wrapped up in one simple still image.

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