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Photo Advices from OTAs to Hoteliers


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A picture is worth a thousand words. In the hotel industry, that same photo also might be worth a thousand clicks. 

A potential increase in guests and revenue multiply exponentially the more images are employed via social media sites, sources said.

Experts from online travel agencies said hoteliers, apart from adding images to their websites and social media channels, must pepper pictures on OTAs or risk losing out on market share.

TripAdvisor in September published a study showing that hotel websites with at least one photo received 138% more engagement from travelers and had a 225% higher likelihood of a booking enquiry compared to those that don't have any photos.” 

And that was with just one photo, said TripAdvisor’s Stephanie Boyle, senior PR manager.

Properties with more than 100 photos saw a 151% increase in engagement, while those with more than 1,000 photos saw a 203% increase in engagement.

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