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Mobile – the ultimate weapon in the battle to go direct?


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Everyone’s investing in mobile.  Some hotels are spending millions of dollars.  But is it really paying off?  If the results posted by hotel giant IHG this week are anything to go by, mobile can make a difference to your bottom line.  But where does the real value in a hotel’s mobile strategy lie?


Back in 2012 when most travel brands were just finding their feet in mobile, IHG reported mobile revenues of $330 million – up from $3 million in 2009.  With 9 brands to manage and 710,000 hotel rooms worldwide, maintaining a personalised customer approach was a top priority.


It certainly seems that the big brand, generic hotel experience just won’t cut it anymore.  What’s interesting is that the role that mobile plays as a key differentiator in the battle to win the ever-demanding travel consumer.


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