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Mobile SEO Best Practices for 2014


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A recent study by Google and Nielsen has revealed that almost three quarters of mobile users make enquiries using a search engine when using their devices to complete a purchase. It therefore goes without saying that if you haven’t done so already, implementing a mobile SEO strategy should be one of your top priorities in 2014.

So what exactly do you need for a successful SEO strategy in the coming months? Here are 4 best practices you cannot afford to ignore.

User Experience is Everything

User experience is by far the most important component of a successful mobile SEO campaign, but it’s something even top global brands sometimes neglect. A well optimised, easy to use site is much better at engaging visitors, which we know has a knock-on effect on search rankings and consequently, bookings. As you read through the other points, you’ll notice that all of the core components of effective mobile SEO tie back to a great user experience.

More details at http://www.etourism.com.au/blog/mobile-seo-best-practices-for-2014/345