Wintour CEO Invited As Senior Lecturer to Jinjiang Hotel Chengdu – “Vital Change of Hotel Marketing in Mobile Internet Era”


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On Dec.27, Wintour CEO Huangxin was invited to give a lecture to Jinjiang Hotel Chengdu, titled“Vital Change of Hotel Marketing in Mobile Internet Era”.

After Mr. Huang’s last lecture in Chengdu on Dec.17, with the development of the mobile internet, changes in hotel marketing seemed to be more needed and widely. As a result, Jinjiang Hotel Chengdu invited Mr. Huang again to give a lecture to its middle and senior managers. The general content of the lecture included Hotel Online Marketing, Strategies to Develop E-commerce Platforms for Hotels, Hotel Marketing on WeChat, Tactics for Hotel Online Marketing in 2014 etc. He also shared ideas on marketing hotels by means of Wintour’s DOSSM hotel management system with the participants.

Affiliated to Sichuan Tourism Group and found in January 1993, Jinjiang Hotel & Resorts’s mainly primary services covered management for middle-senior hotels and properties, operation of chain hotels, educational training of tourism. It was honored as “ Top 30 Largest Hotel Management Company (Group) in China ” for 6 consecutive years since 2007, and obtained “The Highest Development Potential Hotel Management Company (Group) in China” in 2010.

In response to the mobile internet development, hotel marketing also changed, and the lecture“Vital Change of Hotel Marketing in Mobile Internet Era” won great popularity in the hospitality again.