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Invest in Your Own Website, not OTA Commissions


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Independent hotels are getting into the habit of not having their own internet booking engines (IBE).

It is becoming a common practice with most of them to post their rates on different OTAs. They choose to give more commissions to OTAs instead of investing on their own branded website. And many hotels that do have IBEs are not effectively using them as their branded websites are old, unappealing, static, and rarely optimized. Most of these hotels are not even promoting their own room offers on their website. Tools provided by their IBE suppliers are either not used or applied in a wrong and ineffective way. For these reasons, this channel is not able to produce as expected.

Most of the time, hotels concentrate their efforts and investments on OTAs. They aim to be more visible, load more rate offers, and increase their availability. OTAs recognize the need to capitalize on technology. They know it is essential to do this in order to be on top when it comes to visibility among others. And the way they are doing this is by using hotels’ investments via the commissions they pay.

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