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How to Reduce Your Website’s Bounce Rate


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Do people come to your site and then immediately leave? Then you’ve got a bounce rate problem. Here’s how to go about tackling it.

Bounce rate, simply put, is the measure of how many visitors come to a page on your site and leave without viewing any other pages. Really, it’s the most basic expression of dissatisfaction with your site users can give you.

A site’s bounce rate is easy to track with tools like Google Analytics. Such tools can show you the bounce rates on different pages of your website, how the user came to your site (organic search, paid search, banner ad, etc.), how the bounce rate has changed over time, and other data so you can really dig into where you might have a leak.

As a rule of thumb, a 50 percent bounce rate is average. If you surpass 60 percent, you should be concerned. If you’re in excess of 80 percent, you’ve got a major problem.

Realizing you’ve got an issue is the first step in fixing it. Caleb Whitmore, CEO of Analytics Pros, a Seattle company, share his tips for lowering your bounce rate.

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