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How to Make Hotel Slow Season Busier


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Ski resorts know this too well.

After the snow has melted and the last snowboarding guests have checked out, these resorts are left to scramble to keep occupancy up, even though their best asset (the snow) has all but disappeared.

But you don't have to be located in the Rocky Mountains to feel this pain. We all have our slow seasons, so we must prepare to make our hotel relevant and worth visiting throughout the rest of the year.

Here's how to build a hotel marketing strategy that's good all year.


Leverage Major Event in the Destination

Whether it's a landmark exhibit in your city's art museum or a new attraction, make a list of all visit-worthy events happening in your city during your slow months. Partner with them to become the host hotel. This is usually a pay-to-play partnership that will get you front and center on their Website along with a direct link to your hotel. Or, promote how convenient you are to the event and offer ride-sharing promotions and even a complimentary shuttle to/from the event.

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