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How to Get Revenue During Low Periods


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Targeting high yielding clients by analyzing market segment production is one of the strategies that hotels use these days. But which segment can be used as fillers throughout any period? Or which segment should they be focusing on during lean, off-peak, or even distressed seasons?

During an audit, I asked the hotel for which I was doing the audit, why they did not load a "travel industry rate". This rate is applicable to all employees working in the industry, for example, travel agencies, airlines, hotels, etc. They responded that they did not need to cater to this segment since they did fine with their existing ones.

I queried back to find out if they did achieve 100% occupancy on a daily basis. To which they replied that they rarely achieved 100% occupancy, only during peak dates and sometimes during high seasons. Unfortunately, they were hindering their own occupancy rate, with this strategy. Let me tell you why.

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