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How to Create Viral Content


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Most people ask “how can my website generate more business?” or “What can I do to bring traffic to my website?” – the answer to both of these questions is viral content! The content that generates buzz doesn’t simply refer to text –  image and video are also content. So, how can hoteliers create content that generates direct bookings? Surprisingly, many hoteliers are missing the target here – most do not take time to ensure the quality of their content. A website that lacks content of high quality can do more harm than good for the hotel.

Quality content will turn lookers into bookers – but, how will you get the lookers to your site? It takes viral content to create a buzz – a buzz strong enough to set you apart from the crowd! Today, it is more about telling a story than simply making a promise to your guests. As the travel industry began to boost, inspiring content went viral. The standards were set high by the surprise KLM gave their passengers. This airline used social media to generate a lot of buzz – check it out here! So, why can’t hoteliers generate buzz like this? Hoteliers can – even if they’ on a budget – it only takes some creativity!

Emotional AppealViral content success stories all have one thing in common – they trigger emotions! Emotional appeal captures the attention and builds relationships that can last a lifetime. Think about the most memorable ad you’ve seen? What emotion(s) did it trigger? Whether your video/image/text is emotional, happy, funny, exciting, or inspiring it should speak to your target – don’t forget that!

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