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How Mobile Is Changing Travel Demands


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Travel and tourism is a trillion dollar industry that is continuing to grow and change. The largest change we have seen is the shift to mobile. Since mobile has become an everyday necessity, it is altering the way people travel.  From researching and booking, to the actual traveling itself, travelers now expect everything to be mobile friendly. This is transforming the way brands need to interact with travelers in order to meet their needs.


Mobile on-site

The growing demand to do everything on mobile has forced travel brands to make mobile friendly services available in-destination. Consumers today want to be able to perform any activity at the most convenient time for them.  In response, travel brands need to make travel accommodations more mobile-friendly; offering mobile booking functions, mobile check-in, and mobile itineraries. Our travel research showed 100% of people want the opportunity to order services from their room, directly from their mobile device. Some brands, like Ritz-Carlton and Four Seasons, have caught on early, offering mobile hotel check-in, and tablet-friendly room service options, like ordering dry cleaning, wake up calls, and food delivery. Travelers also show a growing interest in digital maps of the hotel.  When they are picking their rooms, they want the ability to see where there room is located, and even have a 360 degree view of the room before selecting.  With mobile expectations continuing to grow, brands will continually need to alter their business offerings to meet customer expectations.


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