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How is Luxury for Hotels?


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As today's travelers can easily obtain luxury at a very reasonable price, the hospitality industry has unknowingly affected the level of significance that luxury has on influencing the customer's preference towards a hospitality brand.

I can go online, and in less than five minutes, I can book a four to five star-rated oceanfront hotel stay with a high end hotel brand for a very reasonable price with major discounts off normal rates. I can do the same with luxury cruise liners, as well as all-inclusive Caribbean resorts, etc. so luxury in this sense has become much easier in the 21stcentury to gain access to in the travel industries. With this being the case, then the impact that luxury has on influencing travelers is going to have to be achieved in a more meaningful way by the hospitality industry.

I have been in this inquiry around what luxury is. I live in a resort beach town, which affords me the luxury of having pristine beaches readily at my disposal. I have also decided to drop my baseball package on DirecTV this year, and so it is a real luxury for me when I can watch a Red Sox baseball game on TV.

This really got me thinking about the positioning of luxury and the perspective by the hotel industry that every guest has a different perception of what luxury is to them. Yes and no? I'd like to challenge that thinking for a minute. Is it something we possess, or is it something that makes us feel good about ourselves? Is it something we’re trying to obtain in the tangible sense, or is it more how it makes us feel about ourselves? Is it more about a want or need for acknowledgment, or to be validated by our peers, or to be seen as unique and interesting?

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