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How Your Hotel Can Mimic Snapchat's Tactics?


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By now, you’ve heard of the newest kid on the digital marketing block, Snapchat. Much loved by teenagers and college students, this smartphone-only messaging platform and social network is used to send pictures and short videos that vanish within 10 seconds. Or, you can use Snapchat Stories, which sends out messages or marketing campaigns that are accessible for just 24-hours.

Either way, Snapchat’s fleeting messages pose an intriguing proposition to hotel marketing teams that are looking for other creative ways to push out their marketing campaigns. For example, your hotel can post a discount reservation code that is only released for 24-hours, pushing your followers to take advantage of it before it goes away.

But what if your hotel doesn’t cater to this younger demographic? Or, what if your hotel’s social media team is already tapped out on channels to manage and adding on another social network is simply not an option?

Then take these lessons from Snapchat’s marketing principles and blend them into your current hospitality marketing approaches.

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