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How Can Hotel Mobile Marketing Reach Varying Generations


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Today's Baby Boomers never dreamed of phones that fit in the palm of their hands with the capabilities of a computer, especially since most had never heard of a computer (and some didn't grow up with telephones)! Gen-Y knows nothing else as they have always had mobile devices for easy communication access. So now here we are, multi-generational, with the ability to plan, price and book events and group rooms in the palms of our hands. How do you capitalize on the opportunity to reach audiences of varying generations and increase group room bookings?


Millennials, a.k.a. Gen-Y (1984-2002)

This generation has the most influence and the greatest buying power in the mobile market. 72% own smartphones which allows you to market through a number of platforms. Cross channel campaigns and email marketing work well with Millennials as they check email often. Launch a campaign promoting the latest trends appealing to the visual and auditory user and you will reach the heart of the tech-savvy millennial. 60% of millennials use their smartphones to access travel information. Since they trust customer endorsements, be sure to liberally showcase through social media the positive comments your customers make about your business and book more business with your Gen-Y planner.


More details at http://hospitality.cvent.com/blog/marketing-resorts-on-the-internet-2/a-mobile-bird-in-the-hand