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How are You Measuring Social Media?


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How are you measuring social media in 2015?

Do you know which metrics to watch?

Research reveals that over the past four years, most marketers switched to measuring more intangible goals like brand awareness, message effectiveness and brand perception.

In this article you’ll discover findings from studies to help you determine which metrics to use to evaluate your social media efforts.

#1: Consider Shifts in Metric Choices

In august 2014, Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business along with the American Marketing Association surveyed 408 chief marketing officers and 4582 marketers total to gauge how metric choices and priorities have shifted over the past four years.

As the eMarketer chart below shows, four years ago in August 2010, nearly 18% of marketers used sales as a metric for success. By August 2014, that number had actually dropped by 1% to 17%. Further, using “profits per customer” as a metric dropped from 9% to 6%. Also, following “revenues per customer” dropped from 17.2% of all marketers tracking this metric to 12.5% in 2014.

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