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Hotel Restaurant Neighborhood Marketing Tips


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For many full-service hotels, hotel food and beverage sales can be a challenge. Filling the seats of an in-house restaurant or bar can be difficult if a hotel is solely dependent on its overnight guests. Out-of-town guests might make up the majority of your breakfast diners, but by lunch, guests are out the door to take in the local color. It could be could your hotel isn’t doing enough neighborhood marketing.


We’re incredibly saddened by the idea of hotels resigning themselves to less than impressive hotel food and beverage profits because they can’t fill their dining rooms – especially when a vital customer base is quite literally sitting outside the front door: local guests.


With 80 percent of your customers coming from less than 10 minutes away, what are you for your with hotel food and beverage marketing to reach the other 20 percent? The goal is to convince those who eat locally that yours is the best restaurant. And an ad in the local newspaper is not going to cut it.

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