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Hotel QR Code Marketing


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We have started seeing QR codes almost everywhere – recently in hotels, restaurants, and on menus or bottles in pubs. They provide customers an added value through their revolutionized concept of taking customers to a web page (could be a social media platform as well) to access all type of information about the company. For instance, hotels have adopted QR codes on the cards of their rooms, as announcements in elevators, on message boards at the concierge desk or in the lobby to engage customers with suggestions/recommendations on where to dine or what to do during their stay and to allow customer to gain incentives for future visits.


QR codes can be used in several ways by hotels:


As an entertainment whereby customers participate in a social networking game and acquire incentives, benefits and discounts offered by hotels. The aim of this new marketing technique is to maintain loyalty to the brand and increase prospective customers.

As a promotional tool for dining options whereby customers scan the QR code and become aware of savings and discounts available for dining.

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