Micromarketing: Shanghai Pudong Leading to Overall Online Marketing and WeChat Marketing


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Hotel Overall Online Marketing and WeChat Marketing Training at Shanghai’s Pudong New Area kicked off on April 15 in Shanghai MinYa Hotel, aiming at setting up unified management of social media strategy on the basis of hotel’s actual condition to strengthen the systematization, scale and influence of WeChat and Weibo marketing.

The two-day training was chaired by Xu Ting, the secretary-general of Pudong New Area Tourism Association, attended by marketing principals of nearly 60 hotels. The training also invited Truman Huang, CEO of Wintour Information Technology Co., and Dai Peiren, VP of Pudong New Area Tourism Association and General Manager of Owner Party of Crown Plaza Shanghai Pudong, as well as Feng Jie, Senior Marketing Director of

The increasing ecommerce and upcoming Big Data has turned people’s lifestyle on its head, stated by Mr. Dai. He pointed out that social media was not only a new marketing channel, but also an ecommerce platform of information exchange, application distribution, marketing and communication, etc., making it become a marketing battlefield of all the industries. Micromarketing is a must-learn platform-based marketing strategy for current enterprises, with great influence and advantages to reasonably and accurately conduct targeted promotion and application, which will result in more vigorous competition in hospitality industry. Reserving the existing service mode, Pudong Tourism must develop towards information-based and technology-based level.

During the training, Mr. Huang focused on the changes of hotel’s operation in Internet era, hotel online direct selling strategy and process, WeChat marketing, mobile marketing and innovative services, online promotion tactics and team construction, etc. He guided how to leverage micromarketing to execute marketing integration, increase micro-search and Weibo traffic, conduct WeChat communication and QR marketing, and adjust management according to micromarketing environment to improve performance and revenue.