Wintour Gave Lecture to Dalian Hoteliers and Executives at Dalian Tourism Administration's Invation


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In order to proceed Dalian’s tourism development in digital travel era, improve hotel management in Dalian and help companies to perfect their business philosophy, Dalian Tourism Administration hosted “Hotel Management and Marketing in Digital Travel Eva” training course on Dec. 26. Huangxin, Wintour CEO, was presented on the training course to share his hotel marketing experiences with hoteliers at the invitation of Dalian Tourism Administration. Actually, Mr. Huang was invited as the lecturer of the training that not only because of his experiences and cut-edge knowledge in the hospitality but also the good reputation of Wintour Information Technology Co.Ltd in hotel marketing training and consultancy.

The general content of the course included Hotel Online Marketing Strategies, Hotel Mobile Marketing and WeChat Hotel Marketing, Team-building and Assessment of Hotel Online Marketing. Highlights of this training were as follows,

1.   Hotel marketing by means of new media and technology in digital era

2.   Tricks to drive hotel booking in off-season

3.   Strategies to cope with the decreasing of government’s bookings

This training offered brand new perspectives to those hotels with outdated business models. The executives or hoteliers attending praised and rated this training very highly and they showed great interested in Wintour’s hotel online marketing products (Hotel Booking Engine, Hotel Customer Management System etc.).