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Hotel Holiday Marketing Tips


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The holiday season is upon us: the weather’s colder, buildings are covered in lights, and people are on holiday vacation which means they have more time to travel. In 2014, AAA predicted that there would be over 98.6 million people traveling for the holidays. That is a very large market of people who could possibly be looking for hotels in their chosen destinations. With so much competition from OTAs and other properties, hotels have to deploy certain spirited marketing strategies to attract potential guests to book a room from their website. Below are a few tactics hoteliers can use to create effective marketing strategies for the holidays on their websites, social media, and on-site at the hotel.



Hotel Website

The first page of your hotel website is like a virtual front door to your property. The vibe travelers get about your hotel comes from the characteristics of your site. One way to show that your property is holiday-travel friendly is by applying a Winter holiday theme to your website’s pages. Things like snow animations, wreath banners, and ornaments will make your website more fun and festive and show that your hotel can stay relevant. It is recommended that your web design doesn’t feature any religion-specific images as to not offend anyone. When you hotel site is decorated, it will be more likely to stand out among the mundane, non-festive sites.


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