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Customer Data Platform & Marketing Automation

Hotels carry out continuous content marketing via different social media channels, which may attract more and more traffic and customer attention. DOSSM-MarTech provided by Wintour enables hotels to manage these sales leads, tag the customers by their behavior and consumption data, and divide them to different segment market according to the evaluation model. In addition, DOSSM-MarTech can also evaluate the leads value by the scoring criteria, exploring high-value leads for follow-up and low-value leads for further nurturing.

Marketing Automation of DOSSM-MarTech helps hotels analyze customers' behavior and consumption features, set up segment market management system, and carry out marketing tasks by pre-set rules – providing the right products and service to the right customers in the right time. DOSSM-MarTech can also monitor the advertisement effectiveness of different channels, which help improve hotels' marketing ROI.

DOSSM-MarTech also makes content marketing measurable. The effectiveness of content marketing (opening rate, conversion rate, etc.) in different channels (social media, online communities, customer communities, E-mail marketing, SMS, WeChat, KOL, etc.) can be analyzed and reports are available.