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Localized Content Marketing Solutions

Travelers of different segment markets use social media for different purposes. Wintour's content marketing solutions include content creation and distribution.

Content Creation includes:

  • Localized Content Creation for hotel products and services: Create localized content for hotel products and services according to Chinese travelers' consumption needs.
  • Hotspot Content Creation according to Chinese market: The hotspot in Chinese social media is changing over time. Create content combining hotspots and hotel events may help draw more attentions.
  • Content Creation according to different Chinese segment market: The huge Chinese tourism market includes various segment markets. Customers of different segment markets put forward different demand for products and services. Therefore, enterprises should provide different content for different segment market.
  • Content Creation according to different Chinese festivals and special events: During Chinese festivals, traveling outbound has been priorities of young people and family's choice. Providing content for each Chinese festival in advance helps attract more Chinese travelers.
  • Content Creation according to different social media: Besides articles, short videos (15s-45s in length) are more and more effective in boosting conversion rates. H5 mobile slides are also popular in Chinese market.

Customers of different segment market have different features, and may be reached by different channels. Therefore, channels of content distribution should be taken into consideration. Content Distribution channels adopted by Wintour include:

  • WeChat and Weibo
  • Short Video channels
  • BBS
  • News Sites
  • Encyclopedia sites
  • KOL channels