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Hotel Marketing for Your Best Guests – Women


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You may not realise it, but the target audience for most hotels is women. Women account for 85% of all household purchases and 92% of vacation decisions (according to Greenfield Online for Arnold’s Women’s Insight Team) spending over $7 trillion annually in the US alone according to the Marketing to Women Conference, Chicago. Add to this the fact that the Clute Institute, a business journal publication, found that females represent around 40% of all business travel; women constitute a massive portion of the decision makers when it comes to travel and hotel bookings.


What female travelers want

1. An enjoyable/engaging travel shopping experience

Generally women tend to buy with the desire to enjoy the experience as well as obtaining the final product. This is why rich detailriptive text accompanied with some great visuals makes all the difference when appealing to female shoppers. By visually presenting the experience your female guests will have at your property, you will keep it at the front of their mind as they move through their shopping journey.

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