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5 Hotel Trends for 2014


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With access to nearly unlimited travel planning information, today’s travelers have a better-than-ever understanding of what to expect while on the road. More importantly, they are starting to require more from their hotel experiences.

As hotels strive to meet the demands of a customer base that is more informed, more connected and more vocal than generations past, innovation will play a key role in the future of the hotel industry.

Here are five hotel trends to watch in the coming year.

Innovation Means Renovation

If your clients havea favorite property, chances are they can expect it to wear an all-new face in the near future.Renovations are huge in 2014, as hotels refresh rooms, reimagine lobbies and overhaul food services.

According to a study conducted by Bjorn Hanson, dean of New York University’s hospitality school, hotels spent an estimated $5.6 billion on capital improvements last year, a number that nearly doubled in four years.

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