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Booking Travel on Smartphones: 2014 Google Report (Part 1)


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Last week, Google presented the findings of its 2014 Traveler Study in a one hour webinar. The data covered a wide range of topics, including mobile behaviors, inspiration, travel research, mobile behaviors, the influence of TV and Video, and family travel. The webinar was hosted by Katy Galambos, Google’s Industry Analyst for Travel. Here are some of the highlights with regard to the behavior of consumers booking travel on smartphones.

Travelers use smartphones throughout the travel process.

Google researchers found, while delving into the mobile behaviors of travelers, that 67% of leisure travelers and 78% of business travelers use smartphones at some point during the travel process. 77% of travelers use their smartphones for inspiration in spare moments such as when waiting and commuting. Travelers are also researching and booking across all devices.


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