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Four Reasons SEO Campaigns Fail, and How To Change That


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Businesses launch SEO campaigns all the time, and these campaigns often fail for a few standard reasons. The problem is, each failed campaign is a loss of time, money, and potential profits – so what can you do to make sure that your campaigns fare reaching potential guests at your hotel? The first step is being aware of the cause. These four reasons are why ninety percent of SEO campaigns fail.

1. Companies try to appeal to too many people

A business should know its market, and know its audience. Trying to create a blanket campaign that appeals to every gender and every creed will fail. Being aware of who specifically your customers are will prevent your campaign from failing to get anyone’s attention. Is your hotel near an attractive tourist location for retirees? Is your town it a business convention hub? This information is one of the basic elements of starting a business, and is essential for implementation into a successful SEO campaign.

2. Poor branding

Not only is an SEO campaign meant to bring more customers, but it is also meant to strengthen the brand of your company. The problem is, far too many people misunderstand branding and what it is meant to do. If that is the case, consider seeking an external expert – it saves you the trouble of becoming a branding expert, an area that can take years to fully master. It’s easier to hire someone if you have trouble with branding.

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