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Answers to Hoteliers’ Most Frequently Asked Social Media Questions – Part I


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Within the past few years, social media has become a complex and ever-changing hotel marketing avenue full of new players and constantly changing rules and protocol. To try and help you navigate some social media basics for your hotel marketing strategy, I’m answering some of the most frequently asked hotel social media questions:

So, our hotel’s social media profiles are up and running. Now, how do I get our followers to book a room with us?

While social media is about community, not direct sales, there are tips you can use to convert your hotel’s followers into paying guests at your property. First, add a booking engine component to your Facebook page. Post intriguing content that links back to your website or your blog. Answer as soon as you can to any comments, questions or reviews. Always use visuals to showcase your hotel’s unique experience.

Truth be told, it can be challenging to measure the direct and precise ROI of your social media activities, but keep track of your bookings to see where they come from and track your social media influence. Overall, be aware that all of your social media interactions are building your followers’ faith in your hotel brand. Every time your followers and their friends see your hotel’s positive social interactions, that influences future buying decisions, which could lead to increased sales.  

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