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Answers to Hoteliers’ Most Frequently Asked Social Media Questions – Part II


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In just a few years, social media has evolved into an ever-changing landscape that introduces new Websites, tools, rules and protocol to hotel marketers every few months. To help solidify your knowledge on at least the basics of social media, I’m answering some of the most common social media questions asked by hoteliers around the country:

Should my hotel post different things to different social media sites? Or, is it okay to have the same post run on all channels?

Your hotel should not be using social media simply to send blasts out to your followers. People want to connect with your hotel on different sites for different reasons. Test to see what content works best for each social network you’re on. Watch out for key metrics, such as ‘likes,’ comments, clicks, retweets, forwards, and shares. This will give you insight on what’s making an impact with your audience and what’s not.

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