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Open Class for Revenue Management and Online Marketing, delivered by Jack Hu (U.S. Hotel Revenue Management Expert ) in Hangzhou on 24th-28th, 2014

Elementary Class: from 24th to 26th,, March, 2014

Advanced Class: from 26th to 29th,, March, 2014

1. Course  Content 

Elementary Class
Advanced Class

Part 1: Definition of Revenue Management

Part 2: Practical techniques in revenue management which leads to instantly effects

Part 3: Prediction

Part 4: Practical economic and mathematical statistics method

Part 5: Analysis of market

Part 6: Marketing channels strategies

Part 7: Price plans

Part 8: Hotel marketing strategies by web, mobile Internet, and social media (delivered by Mr. Truman Huang)

Part 1: Market-segment strategies

Part 2: Team management

Part 3: Strategies for the maximization of hotel’s whole revenue

Part 4: Tools and charts introduction for revenue management

Part 5: Ways to organize and enact revenue management

Part 6: Analysis and discussion of revenue management cases 

Revenue Management and Online Marketing always go hand in hand. And the success of online marketing relies on theories and methods of revenue management. Mr. Truman Huang, prominent online marketing expert in China hotel industry and CEO of Wintour Information Technology CO.,Ltd, invited as distinguished teacher, will  introduce strategies for "one-for-all online marketing", including marketing of hotel website, loyal program, mobile Internet, social media (WeChat). It's aim to help hotel to know comprehensively more about revenue management and tools and tricks for online marketing.  

2. Overview of Revenue Management and Online Marketing

In China, international prominent hotels is carrying out revenue management, while few indigenous hotels understand revenue management, let alone implement in management. Those lag-behind hotels are at a disadvantage in competition with few incomes and profits.

It's a must to know revenue management and put refined management into practice now out of "Eight Rules of China" and the influence of economic cycle, with the unusual fierce competition in this increasingly saturated market. Today's hotel industry in China is quite similar to that in America thirty years ago. Hospitality in America can reach today's brilliant due to revenue management under the leadership of Marriot . You know "By other's faults, wise men correct their own.". Moreover, international prominent hotels are breaking into Chinese market in large part, Indigenous hotels should learn the game rules as well to compete with them.

The cores of revenue management are price, distribution channels, products and services, and management of segmented market. The implementation of revenue management is based on the prediction of supply and demand changes and the analysis of customer's consumption habits. It's better to sell the right product or service to the right customer at the right timing with the right price by the right channel, which can lead to the maximum profits and the largest market share.  

3. Who should attend?

Hotel Group responsible for marketing
Representatives of hotelier
Manager or Vice Manager of hotel
Directer of Marketing
Director of Rooms
Director or Manager of Revenue Management
Reception Manager or Supervisor
Sales Manager in charge of  group business or individual travelers
Sales Manager in charge of meetings and banquets
Restarant or Bar Manager
Strategies or Distribution Manager from OTAs
Teachers or students of hotel management majors
Directors in hospitality
Teachers or students of travel and hotel  management majors from junior colleges or universities and revenue management researchers
Anyone with an interest