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What Women Really Want: Friendly Service, Stiff Drinks & A Sweet Pool


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Close your eyes for a moment and think of the last time you visited a hotel. What was the first thing you noticed about the service? When posed this question, women will remember the staff’s friendliness (or lack thereof), while men think of the staff’s professionalism (or lack thereof).


Trustyou.com recently analyzed 50 million hotel reviews to understand the differences between what women and men care about most during their hotel visits. While overall scores are similar for reviews written by each gender (i.e. women are not more critical than men, or vice versa), there are differences in the way that each demographic evaluates their hotel experience.


Hotel and staff

When it comes to the hotel and its service, women are more likely to take note of the hotel’s ambiance and friendliness of its staff, while men tend to focus on professionalism and hotel maintenance. Consider the following:


• Women mention:

o Ambiance 11% more often than men

o Friendly atmosphere 10% more often than men


• Men mention:

o Hotel facilities (old/new) 40% more often than women

o Hotel maintenance 26% more often than women

o Professional service 10% more often than women

More details at trustyou.com