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Understanding the Differences Between Business vs. Leisure Travelers


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A hotel’s business mix is commonly comprised of a different percentage of segments, such as business and leisure travelers. These segments of travelers are two separate entities that have different wants, needs and travel patterns. A better understanding of your business mix of leisure and business travelers can ultimately lead to more success for your hotel if action is taken according to their preferences. Here are some important points to understand about business and leisure travelers and a few ways for hoteliers to cater to these two segments.


Understanding Business Travelers:

1. Location is key: While traveling for business, travelers are at the beck and call of scheduled meetings, presentations, etc.; which is precisely why a hotel’s location is one of the top priorities for business travelers. Their hotel options are limited, as they demand   a convenient location that is close to their conference or convention venue that will allow them to go to their meeting point in a short time frame. It is important for hotels that are close to convention centers or other meeting areas to put a large emphasis on their location to draw in business travelers to their hotel.


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